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I started working with Alyson in 2019 when I realised I needed help to re-enter the financial sector in New Zealand after being in the UK for 10 years, and also being away from the sector for an extended period of time. Alyson helped in so many ways, through self evaluation, strengths analysis, finding what has worked previously, what hasn’t. The value of a network, how to use the technology that’s available, the list is endless. A key point is that Alyson is able to help you ask questions of yourself that you had never thought of, looking at the way you view yourself and the world around you. Alyson is a great Coach and friend and looking forward to keeping in touch. I can’t recommend her highly enough.


Senior Credit Analyst


Thank you so much for all you have done to help me get this far. You've been an inspiration and I feel like I couldn't have done it without your guidance. You're amazing!

Lena L.



Thanks Alyson for the transformational career coaching session today. I recommend Alyson for every successful Pro who wants to master his craft and do great things.

Ahmed M.

Coach and Author


Alyson helped me jump start my job search with her coaching sessions. With her help I was able to get a clear vision of what I wanted to do and created the steps to achieve my goals.

Elizabeth B.



I’ve been in business for many years and while I had no requirement to change my career, I needed to understand my strengths and weaknesses in a structured manner. This has allowed me to identify the areas in my role that may have either contributed to demotivating me or may have caused conflicts between myself and my colleagues in the business (both co-directors and support staff). This successful exercise with Alyson has led to a renewed enthusiasm for my role and augurs well for future endeavours. Alyson was enthusiastic, supportive and led the with great intelligence and patience.

Youssef M.



I was looking for a career turnaround and Alyson helped me set my own goals and follow the right path. We had amazing sessions editing a professional resume, talking about interviews and all the moves I was planning and executing in my career. With Alyson's help, I was able to land a new role at a company that is aligned with my long term career goals.

Flavio S.

Team Manager, Finance


Alyson has helped me, in a very short time, make huge strides in determining what it is I really wanted and what I needed to get it. Throughout the process I have always felt like I was in expert hands, and having a great life coach in your corner seems like something that should be mandatory.

Taegan C.



Alyson provides a level of professional support and guidance that is unrivaled. Deciding to make a change in your career can be difficult, but with Alyson in your corner, have no fear. Through regular coaching sessions I benefited from her breadth of experience having worked in corporate HR and with various clients across multiple industries. With Alyson’s help a recent hiring manager commented on my interview preparedness of which I can directly attribute to our sessions. I accepted the offer and can’t thank Alyson enough for her counsel and expertise.

Chris L.

Product Manager


I was accepted into the BSN Program! I could possibly be a nurse by the end of next year! Pretty crazy. After volunteering at a hospital and receiving an EMT license, I can definitely say this is the right path for me. This program will be very challenging, intense and rigorous, but I am very excited to start! Thank you so much for helping me realize this path. I definitely couldn't have taken this step without your knowledge and guidance.

Ben I.

Future Nurse


Before I came to Alyson, I was stuck for several months. She helped me define a concrete implementation plan. Alyson is professional and kind. She is a great listener, a supporter and motivator. She also asks the right questions to challenge me. Thanks to her, I have gained positive energy and confidence. I highly recommend her!

Nathalie R.

Brand Manager

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