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My Story

(and a little about coaching)

About Me

Throughout my career, I have always gravitated toward helping others. 


Coaching is a natural extension of my drive to act as a resource for people. This prompted me to enroll in the International Coach Academy (ICA) for my Professional Coach Certification. I chose ICA due to their rigorous requirements, including creating my own coaching model and power tool. Their cutting-edge curriculum also aligns with the requirements of the International Coach Federation, which accredits coaches to ensure consistency and professional development.


I found that I thrived during my time in the Human Resources field. I gravitated toward helping people make important career decisions and tackle tricky conversation. The satisfaction of helping someone successfully deliver a difficult message or craft a thoughtful performance review was exceptionally satisfying. I envied the Executive Coach who I worked with in planning and facilitating retreats for staff development. It was during this time that I started to contemplate becoming a coach myself.


My early career was spent working in Customer Service and Quality Assurance.  I quickly began managing a team and found my passion for supporting my team's professional development. I thoroughly enjoyed helping others capitalize on their strengths and grow professionally. It was also at this stage of my career where I saw the importance of honing one's value system and core beliefs. 


My journey has led me here - to my own practice as a Career Coach. I can't wait to learn a little more about you and how we can work together to help you achieve your goals! 

My Coaching Style

We will partner together to help you find the answers within yourself. Making major career decisions takes a great deal of self-reflection and skill-assessment that is optimized by working with a coach. I will look at your situation from a bird's eye view to help you discover your path and create real actionable steps toward reaching your goals. Together we will close the gap between where you are and where you'd like to be.


Let's take a look at common differences between coaches and others who can help you succeed. 


Therapists - Therapists can help you resolve past issues, while my responsibility as a coach is to help you create forward movement. Clients are treated as whole, capable people with a forward focus.


Consultants - Consultants are oftentimes experts who provide advice in an area where you lack information or expertise. As a coach, I am here to guide you in your development. You hold the reins and reach your own conclusions about your next steps. If needed, I take on a consulting role as we work together to update your resume, prepare for interviews or otherwise work to present you in the best possible light.


Best friends - Best friends and trusted family members are an invaluable support system during any transition. As a coach, I am able to see things from an outside view and provide you with an impartial perspective. I am here to challenge your views and bring inconsistencies to light. I will push boundaries that your friends may not. 

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