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Tips to Fuel Your Motivation

You network, research, and send out your resume, but you’re not getting results fast enough! The fact is, even if you’re doing everything right, a job search takes time. Your search can feel like a full time job and it is important to vary your search activities and find balance in order to stay motivated. Consider these ideas when your search feels more draining than motivating. 1. Redefine your results. Create and keep track of milestones outside of landing interviews. Would you like to meet five new people in your industry this week, or find three new companies to target? Results come in many forms. Stay focused on what is in your control. 2. Create a schedule. You’re spending plenty of time doing search-related activities, but are you taking care of yourself? Set aside time to work out, have fun, and reward yourself. There is life outside of your search and attending to your personal needs will allow you to put your best foot forward when you get the interview. 3. Reframe your perspective. Every search is different. Your experience will not be the same as that of your neighbor, colleague or friend. After all, you don’t want just any job, you want the RIGHT job. Landing the job you want will be worth the wait. Focus on the outcome and on your achievements, rather than on a lack of response or setback. 4. Lend a hand. A job search can feel like you are doing a lot of asking. Giving can be a welcome relief and an opportunity to turn your focus outward. It feels great to make a difference in someone’s life. This doesn’t just mean a traditional volunteer opportunity. You could coach a sport, help a family member or share your expertise by supporting a friend with a project. You’ll feel a boost in your mood and confidence. 5. Take a class. Brush up on a skill, or learn a new one. You’ll have a renewed sense of accomplishment after completing a class. Some paid sites, like, even offer free online classes for library patrons. That’s a free membership that gets you more free memberships. Why not take advantage? It takes more effort to maintain your motivation when you are waiting for responses from contacts or hiring managers. These tactics will help you gain control of your search and stay motivated to continue moving toward a job you’ll enjoy.

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