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Free 6-Week Email Course to Launch Your New Career

The process of changing careers can feel overwhelming. You may be wondering...What career is right for me? How do I get my foot in the doorIf you want to take your career transition to the next level but aren't ready for one-on-one coaching, this is a great option for you.

The truth is that in order to change careers you need a strategy. 

I designed this step-by-step guide based on my years of experience helping people identify and land the right jobs. This course will not teach you job search staples like how to create a fantastic resume, update your LinkedIn, or apply for jobs online. Even though these steps are important, I wanted to go beyond the basics and teach you how to get your next role through people. 

What does the course include?

  • 6 lessons in 6 weeks delivered straight to your inbox (starting the day you sign up)

  • Bite-sized exercises to work on each week

  • Resources including 4 worksheets

  • Lifetime access to the materials for each lesson

Course Outline

1. Find Your Strengths

2. Examine Job Descriptions

3. Create a List of Target Companies

4. Craft Your Elevator Pitch

5. Activate Your Network

6. Schedule Informational Interviews

Ready to get the first lesson?

About Your Instructor

Alyson Garrido

Throughout my career, I have always gravitated toward helping others. Coaching is a natural extension of my drive to act as a resource for people. I am a Certified Professional Coach and Member of the International Coach Federation.


As a Career Coach, I help people authentically present themselves in the best possible light for career advancement. I have extensive experience supporting professionals in job search, networking, interview preparation, salary negotiation, and performance reviews.

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